Loreto Sisters

India: Vital Care

By Elouise Hahn | Date 05.12.2017

Nestled in the mountains and surrounded by forests lies the small village of Lolay where disadvantaged tribal villagers live. There are no shops in Lolay and the only infrastructure is the newly established Loreto Health Clinic along with the school, Church and convent…

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One Human Family

By Heather Kitson | Date 10.08.2017

The Framework for our work with the United Nations is the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda. This universal Agenda is a transformative plan of action for the people of the world, for our planet, and for our common wellbeing.

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Projects of change: Responding to community needs

By Heather Kitson | Date 31.07.2017

For many years now, I have been passionate about finding ways to support people living in poverty in their efforts to improve their lives. So imagine my delight when an opportunity arose last December to visit three Loreto women, in a remote corner of Zambia, who are focussed on precisely the same goal.

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