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Joys of Giving Back

By Elouise Hahn | Date 04.08.2017

Travelling solo in India will remain the most challenging, most unique and most fulfilling trip I have experienced so far. India is a culturally rich place so full of colour and flavour that it can’t be described in words. Each city in India feels like a new country, with different languages, customs and cuisines.

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Projects of change: Responding to community needs

By Elouise Hahn | Date 31.07.2017

For many years now, I have been passionate about finding ways to support people living in poverty in their efforts to improve their lives. So imagine my delight when an opportunity arose last December to visit three Loreto women, in a remote corner of Zambia, who are focussed on precisely the same goal.

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Timor-Leste: Enriched through the Gift of Giving

By Elouise Hahn | Date 09.09.2016

MWIA volunteer Katrina Slingo has recently returned from Timor-Leste where she spent one month volunteering with the Loreto Sisters who are building the first Loreto Pre-Primary school in the remote area of Gari-uai…

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