Social Justice

Empowered to Work Program

By Taylor Doherty | Date 04.07.2016

The House of Welcome aims to nurture hope, advocate for justice and promote self-reliance for people traumatised by persecution and violence, who want to make a new life for themselves and their children. It is here that refugees and people seeking asylum find welcome, shelter, support and the possibility of taking some control over their lives through the Empowered to Work program.

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Revolution in the Fashion Industry

By Taylor Doherty | Date 20.05.2016

In a follow-up to the article ‘Cotton Field to Closet: Buying Ethically this Christmas’ Loreto Sister Anne Kelly continues her investigation to ensure that workplaces across the world are safe and that workers are paid a just wage.

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Cotton Field to Closet: Buying Ethically this Christmas

By Taylor Doherty | Date 27.11.2015

As Christmas approaches with its promise of celebration, gifts and summer, a nagging little question worms itself into my brain: …

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