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Battling Period Poverty in India

By Michelle Gale | Date 18.03.2021

Associating menstruation with impurity, degradation, and fear is an unfathomable concept to many of us. However, this is the reality for…

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From Concept to Creation: Mary Ward goes Virtual

By Anna Turkington | Date 30.11.2020

Up until this year, the term Twenty-twenty  usually referred to normal visual acuity, but it now also means the year our planet was turned on its head by a virus! All aspects of what many thought…

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Breaking Ground in Ostico

By Anna Turkington | Date 26.11.2020

On May 19, 2002, Sister Mary Wright ibvm (General Superior at the time), wrote a letter to all members of the Institute entitled ‘Courage to Move’. Courage to Move invited…

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