John XXIII Teacher Training Scholarship | Vietnam

John XXIII Teacher Training Scholarship

Project overview

John XXIII Teacher Training Scholarships provide six annual bursaries for disadvantaged students studying to become teachers to help meet the costs associated with tuition.

Insufficient remuneration or incentives in the form of accommodation, living, and travel allowances to motivate teachers to work in remote areas means that educational needs in rural Vietnam are not being met. Poverty and geographic remoteness are barriers to education and greatly hinder a child’s ability to complete the most basic primary education.

The Department of Education and Training predicts future increases in student numbers, and the government of Vietnam continues to build schools, however, they are unable to keep pace with the ever-growing demand to provide teachers.

Many Vietnamese children living in rural areas have limited education with most not completing primary education. Ethnic minorities, many of them living in highland areas, account for 72% of Vietnam’s poor.  This problem is exacerbated by an increase in student enrolments and a decrease in supply of available teachers in rural areas.   

Project activities 
  • Give financial security to six students to enable them to study effectively and complete their university courses
  • Provide encouragement and incentives
  • Cover costs associated with tuition – textbooks, stationary, rental payments, food and transportation
 Recent project  achievements 
  • Currently there are 6 students receiving scholarships, with scope for 2 more to be awarded.  The scholarship covers costs associated with tuition, such as textbooks, stationery, rental payments, food and transportation
  • MWIA hopes to expand this program to support teacher training scholarships in other countries where the need is great 

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