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Celebrating our students across the world

By Elouise Hahn | Date 04.08.2017

As Aussie kids prepare to break up for school holidays we take a look at some of the different classrooms around the world, supported by MWIA, thanks to our generous donors.

Education is the gift allowing people to flourish and make a difference in the world. It is vital to the success of moving children and communities out of poverty. Sadly, more than one hundred million children around the world do not have the opportunity to attend school.

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Projects of change: Responding to community needs

By Elouise Hahn | Date 31.07.2017

For many years now, I have been passionate about finding ways to support people living in poverty in their efforts to improve their lives. So imagine my delight when an opportunity arose last December to visit three Loreto women, in a remote corner of Zambia, who are focussed on precisely the same goal.

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“We are the light that will shine across Kenya, we will not undergo female genital mutilation”

By Elouise Hahn | Date 05.07.2016

These words were proudly echoed by 80 girls to their families, church members and the world, at a local parish in Nairobi, Kenya. The girls were taking part in the Rite of Passage program which has proven to be a successful alternative to undergoing female genital mutilation (FGM).

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